Case studies

Steve, Texas

Steve came to us because he wanted to feel better about himself.  He’d cared for his ailing mother who had recently died, and felt taken for granted by his family.  He had a disability which prevented him from working, and was feeling isolated, depressed and resigned to a life without love.

In the space of a few short weeks, we helped Steve to make some amazing changes in his life.  With our encouragement he reached out to his elderly father, and had what Steve describes as “the first meaningful conversation in 50 years” with him.  We gently challenged Steve and held him to account as he moved from talking about what he might do to find voluntary work, to taking concrete steps to make things actually happen.

Steve is still looking for love, but he’s becoming more comfortable with being on his own.  He’s making new friendships and is auditioning for a gay men’s chorus.  He says of our coaching that we helped him to reach a turning point in his life.

Peter, United Kingdom

Peter came to us for help in coming out in his 60s.  He’d been aware of his homosexual inclination in his youth, but had chosen to marry a woman, hoping perhaps to overcome his attraction to men.  He enjoyed a reasonably happy marriage and had two sons, but in later life his wife developed a chronic condition that left her more and more disabled.  As this happened, Peter realised that his own needs for intimate male contact had never been met in healthy ways.

With our help he came out to trusted friends and found ways to express the gay side of his life, while still supporting and caring for his sick wife.  As he became happier and more comfortable with his homosexuality, he found he had more compassion and love to share with her.  He told us in a recent email “I’m now a very happy bunny”.

Peter said of his work with us: “Adam helped to keep me focused on the potential for good in all that I have been doing, enabling me to develop a sense of integrity through it all.”

Find out what we can do for you to help you to change your life for the better.

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