Let the homophobic Facebook page flaunt itself!

Ban the hatred?

So there’s a big brouhaha brewing over a new ‘anti-gay’ Facebook page, with calls for it to be banned.  It’s a page “for those of us against ALL gays, man and woman alike. Those of us who are tired of seeing them flaunt it like it is a badge of honor and acceptable.”

Well, I don’t really do much of that flaunting anymore I have to say.  I just go shopping, work hard, see my mum from time to time, go to good plays, and, well, just try to get on with life like anyone else really.

And ‘badge of honor and acceptable’?  Half right, half wrong.  Not a badge of honour, but certainly acceptable.  Grown-up people and communities are increasingly realising that being gay is just part of being human.

But here’s the thing. On the same Facebook page the gay-botherers claim “compliance with my rights as a citizen of the USA” to say what they want.  So, instead of spending our time and energy on fighting this ignorant attempt to throw us back into the closet, at least in the USA anyway, why don’t we recognise that they’re right?  They do have the privilege to say what they feel and think within the laws of the country and Facebook rules.

Then let them condemn themselves, fully in the light of free speech and the good judgement of most decent people, for the ungracious and hateful people that they are.

Best antidote to this anti-gay stuff is to make sure you feel fabulous about yourself.  See how we can help.

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