Should the Exodus app be banned?

Apple is coming under pressure to ban the the Exodus app, which is designed to ‘cure’ homosexual men and women in order that they become straight.

For us this raises two issues: can homosexuality be cured, and does Exodus have the right to offer the gay-cure app?

We both worked as volunteers on the Lesbian and Gay Christian Helpline for seven years in the 1990s.  Many of those we supported had been through ex-gay ministries in a desperate attempt to make themselves straight.  Their stories helped us to form the strong belief that these so-called gay cures do not work, and frequently leave those subjected to them split off from their true selves.

So we all need to work in finding positive ways to support and provide solace to those who for one reason or another have come to such a negative view that their gay sexuality is something that needs curing in the first place.

As for the right of Exodus to publish this app, we come down in favour of free speech.  It may be distasteful.  We see it as harmful.  But muzzling misguided Christians only allows them to play the persecution card.  Let them condemn themselves by their words and actions.

Read more on how we can help you to become more self-assured as a gay man.

7 Responses to Should the Exodus app be banned?

  1. Kevin says:

    There is a lot of media bias against groups like Exodus International. I just want to to present a different side for your consideration, even though you probably won’t agree. Exodus is all about helping people and leading them into a relationship with Jesus Christ, fully accepting that not everyone will choose this faith path. Their ministry is evangelical and Christian and non-denominational. They get branded by the liberal media and the pro-gay lobby that they are a “gay cure” group. That is not so.

    Exodus helps people who want to leave unhealthy lifestyles. Some people are homosexual and very happy; for others it is destroying them. Some people cannot reconcile their homosexuality with their Christian faith and want to walk away from unhealthy behaviors. Exodus is not claiming that a homosexual can simply change and never have homosexual feelings and tendencies again. They ARE claiming that through faith and a lot of support, not just from their ministry but also compassionate local ministries and churches that — someone can walk away from homosexual behaviors, meaning homosexual sex.

    Exodus has helped a lot of people in 30+ years. Surely there are some who started down a recovery process and went back to being actively homosexual. This can be true of any number of organizations and ministries, such as AA who help people that fully recover.

    To be successful in an Exodus or Exodus-like program, it is necessary to adopt a Biblical worldview. Exodus realizes that this isn’t for everybody either. I truly believe in one of their foundational teachings — the opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality, it’s holiness. There is a difference between someone having a homosexual orientation / disposition and living the homosexual lifestyle.

    Some question whether or not moving from homosexuality to heterosexuality is possible. I would like to offer up Sy Rogers, as a very bold example. He was helped through ministries like Exodus 30 years ago, ended up working for Exodus and now has his own ministry where he helps those with many different kinds of sexual brokenness.

    I want to let you know that I too dealt with homosexuality for many years. I am now 30 and after getting so much rejection from churches, have come to embrace ministries like Exodus because they present Biblical truth in a loving way. For so long, our conservative churches have tried to WIN THE ARGUMENT (which was stupid because most Christian homosexuals would agree with what the Bible says on this issue) instead of helping the homosexual FIGHT THE DAILY BATTLE that will continue until they leave this earth.

    If this APP was removed, I think I would definitely sell my iPad, but probably wouldn’t go as far as selling my MacBook. I know I am in the minority on this.

    I just wanted to present the other side in a peaceful rational manner. This is the “other side” to the issue that is not commonly or articulately presented.

  2. adamandtony says:

    Thanks to Kevin for explaining more about what Exodus International does. The group clearly supports him in his dealings with homosexuality.

    There are Christians like Kevin who interpret what the Bible says about homosexuality as meaning that God calls all homosexual men and women to be celibate. There are others who believe that God accepts and celebrates their intimate sexual relations with same-sex partners.

    At Gay Life Coach, we support individuals to make their own choices about how they express their sexuality, taking into account their religious, moral or ethical views. We do not conceive of homosexuality as an unhealthy lifestyle.

    We believe it is perfectly possible to be a sexually-active gay man and Christian. We believe that being gay can also mean being holy. We believe it all depends on which bits of the Bible you think are the most important, and how you decide to interpret them.

    For us, Matthew 25 is clear: we are judged not on whether we proclaim the faith, nor on what we do in bed; what matters is how we treat the vulnerable, the poor and the down-trodden.

  3. Kevin says:

    I would just like to add as a follow up that celibacy or heterosexual attractions come as a result of someone’s involvement with ministries like Exodus. It also possible that someome may start counseling and not continue. There is no coercion. I just wanted to clarify that Exodus isnt exclusively a pro celibacy ministry. You may want to read up on Courage, a ministry of the Roman Catholic Church. In slight contrast to Exodus, they lean more heavily on celibacy. I appreciate this chance for this dialogue Adam and Tony. If i was ever in the UK, would go out for fish and chips wth you guys any time. Cheers.

  4. adamandtony says:

    Thank you for engaging with us, Kevin. Do look us up when you’re next in London.

  5. Brad says:

    No, it should not be banned just as Grindr, Manhunt, and other gay apps should not be banned. People have the right to express their views, even if they are incorrect, mean, are stupid.

  6. Charles "Chip" Grant says:

    We should counter the app with a few apps of our own. I also fell into the trap of the exgay ministry, but to counter them, we need to highlight the number of gay men who were emotionally close with their dads as well as highlighting the straight men who had bad/ emotionally empty or absent dads. The homoemotional desire that exodus harps on is NOT the reason for any male to “become” gay… IS however an emotional….truly homoemotional need, that BOTH straight and gay men who lacked fathers emotionally need to have filled. That need getting filled just creates more whole individuals, whether gay or straight. It does NOT “CURE” any orientation, but something that helps both straight and gay men, now THAT’s a real app.

  7. adamandtony says:

    Thanks to Brad and Chip for their comments.

    Our own gaylife iPhone app will be available in April. This will help gay men to get fit to thrive: in relationships, mind and body, and at work. It will help people to be more self-confident; enjoy their work to the fullest; find and keep that man; be fitter, and reach their ideal weight.

    It will be the only gay app that helps you become the person you can so supremely be.

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